Breastfeeding in Africa

Growing up in Africa I loved to go visiting with my parents because there was always a baby to hold. The whole time my mom was talking, I was playing with the youngest baby of the family.  When it was time to go, the family would make a big show of saying I should take theContinue reading “Breastfeeding in Africa”

COVID-19: Malawi’s next normal

There’s textbook medicine and then there’s the real world. This public health message to take your wife to the hospital by bicycle or ox cart captures how healthcare needs and messages vary significantly based on the setting. So, let’s acknowledge that how we live with COVID-19 in Africa will vary as well. COVID-19 is hereContinue reading “COVID-19: Malawi’s next normal”

Active Places for Kids to Enjoy in Malawi

Kids need at least an hour of active play everyday. It can be challenge to find places to take the family for some much needed active play. So, I polled my friends and these are the places we enjoy. I hope it’s a useful resource for your family! Playgrounds in Lilongwe Playgrounds are a playContinue reading “Active Places for Kids to Enjoy in Malawi”

Exercise for Kids

To stay healthy kids need exercise too.  Providing active play opportunities is the best way to help your kids reach their fitness goals. Preschool kids should be regularly active throughout the day. At home, buy active toys such as balls, strollers for the dolls, big trucks, or tricycles. Limit screen time to less than 2 hoursContinue reading “Exercise for Kids”

Crying Baby

Each baby arrives into your family with their own little personality, wants, and needs. Until a baby can talk, they express their needs through crying. Here are some things you can do to help your crying baby.   First, realize that crying is normal, especially in the first few months of life.  As your baby grows andContinue reading “Crying Baby”