Raising Healthy Global Kids

Whether Africa is your home or you are more of a global family, this website is designed to give you the relevant health information for raising healthy kids.

Every parent wants to raise healthy children. Some have more access to relevant health information than others. This website is designed by health care providers to give you evidence based resources to raise healthy kids all over the world. Find resources for teaching other moms in the community section.

Resources for You


Culture drives most expectations for parenting. Regardless of your culture, research shows that a loving, secure relationship with parents helps children thrive even amidst the stress of an international move. Articles in this section provide parenting tips that can be adapted to your home culture and advice specific to raising global kids.

Illness/ Injury

Despite your best efforts at prevention, kids still get sick and injured. It can be scary as a parent living in a place that has a lot of strange diseases. Google makes it worse because the health articles are not written for your limited resource setting. The purpose of this section is to help you know what you can do from home and when to go to the clinic if your child gets sick or injured. If you are moving to a new home in a limited resource setting, I encourage you to do some research. Find a clinic that you trust, where you can take your child if he or she gets sick or injured.


In limited resource settings there are significantly less options for emergency care and medical treatment. Therefore preventing injury and illness is our passion. In this section you will find articles about promoting healthy lifestyles, immunizations, prophylaxis, healthy development, and safety.

ABC Clinic Moms

We have developed age specific resources for our ABC Clinic pediatric patients.

As families that have the ability to read, write, and access health information online, we have the opportunity to empower others with knowledge to care for their own families. This section provides resources for sharing health information with your friend, employee, or neighbor that doesn’t have access to the internet.


Latest Articles

  • Neonatal Jaundice
    Is your baby a little yellow? How is your newborn feeding? What is jaundice? This article links to a tool that can help your healthcare provider plan treatment.
  • Nurturing Care- Youth
    Youth need caring parents to coach them through the teen years. Be involved parents.
  • A Mother’s Heart
    As parents, we are called to lean on the Creator to see our children in light of how God created them. Each one has unique strengths and weaknesses that shape them.

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