I decided to write this post when within 24 hours two mothers sent me pictures of their children’s rashes requesting advice. The children in both families had recently been playing with a cat. Each were complaining of itchy, dry rashes that were spreading to other areas.

Ringworm is named for the characteristic annular rash (circular or oval shape with a central clearing) that presents on the body. It looks like like a worm under the skin, but it is actually a fungal skin infection.

Sometimes ringworm doesn’t have the classic annular rash, but has patches like seen below. New onset, itching, and spreading is what helps distinguish it from other dry rashes.

Both of these children applied Clotrimazole cream twice a day and saw improvement within 48 hours. They applied the cream until the skin was back to normal. It can take several weeks to get full results. See your doctor for diagnosis and treatment if your child has a rash, fever, or you have any concerns.

Other fungal infections include athlete’s foot and tinea capitis which is a fungal infection on the scalp. Tinea capitis usually doesn’t respond to anti-fungal creams and needs an oral medicine that should be prescribed and carefully monitored by your doctor.

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