God’s Gift for Marriage: Day 5

Written by Laura Barnes,Grace Kabaghe, Jacqueline Mphatso Kalenga, and  Amess Nthala Mwamdaza 

Cynthia: Mother, I had the most amazing dream last night!

Mom: Tell me all about it.

C: I dreamed that I was dressed in a beautiful new dress and that I walked to the front of the church where a handsome young man was holding out his hand to me. And we said our wedding vows and the pastor prayed for us.

M: My dear, Cynthia. Even now I am praying for the young man that God wants you to marry so that together you may serve Him as one. 

C: Getting married is such a big decision. How will I know who to marry?

M: I pray that you marry a man like Joseph from the Bible.  Do you remember the Bible stories of Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus?

C: Yes. God told him in a dream that he shouldn’t be afraid to take Mary as his wife.

M: Joseph was a godly man and he wanted to marry a girl that loved and obeyed God. When he heard that Mary was pregnant he thought that she had sinned and had sex with another man because he knew he had not had sex with her. But even though in the law he could have shamed her publicly and had her killed, he chose to quietly break up with her. 

C: Joseph obeyed God and married her and even waited to have sex with her until after baby Jesus was born.

M: Yes. And he also took care of Mary and adopted Jesus as his son. The angel came to Joseph in the dream, telling him to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt for safety when Herod was killing the babies. Joseph obeyed God and protected his family.

C: He sounds like a respectable man.

M: Yes. So, for you I pray for a man that listens to the Word of God and lives a life that shows his obedience to God. I pray for a man that waits to have sex with you or any woman until marriage and remains faithful to you in marriage. I pray for a man that will love and protect you as well. The other Joseph in the Bible is another good example.

C: Oh yes, when Potiphar’s wife tried to have sex with him, he ran away so fast he left his coat behind. 

M: That’s right. Cynthia, I want you to marry a man that flees from any hint of sexual immorality.

C: What kind of wife do you think I will be?

M: I pray that you will be a woman that loves and studies the Word of God. I pray that you are a godly example to other young women, waiting to have sex until marrriage. I pray that you love, obey and respect the husband that God gives you. I pray that your marriage will cause others to want to know more about Jesus.

C: Mom, thank you so much for praying for my future and teaching me all of this. I see now that sex is a beautiful gift for marriage. I want to wait to have sex.

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