How to Make a Homemade Spacer for an Inhaler

  1. Gather supplies
    • Plastic water or soda bottle
    • Cotton
    • Plaster (medical tape)
    • Something to cut the bottle
All of these supplies can be bought in most local pharmacies.

2. Wash the bottle with dish soap and water.

3. Cut the bottom off the bottle.

4. Dry the bottle well.

5. Tape a layer of cotton to the edge of the bottle. You could also use strips of cloth for this. The purpose is to pad the edge that will be pushed against the child’s face. Be sure to cover all of the cotton with tape so that the child won’t be inhaling cotton particles.

6. Cut a hole near the top of the bottle big enough to fit the inhaler. The hole should be about 10 centimeters from the opening.

7. Take the cap off the inhaler and insert it in the hole, so that it faces the big opening.

8. Put the taped opening on your child’s face over both his nose and mouth.

9. Push down firmly on the inhaler as you hold the spacer over your child’s nose and mouth.

10. Continue holding the spacer over your child’s nose and mouth as you slowly count to ten. The medicine will circulate in the bottle until it is absorbed into your child’s lungs when he breathes. Your child should get several deep breaths. It’s okay if your little one cries. Crying will help your child absorb the medicine.

11. Remove the spacer from your child and give him a few minutes to breath normally.

12. Then repeat step ten again.

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