Where to Buy Childhood Vaccines in Malawi

People moving to Malawi often need to know which vaccines are available in Malawi.  Malawi does not manufacture any immunizations. All vaccines are imported.

Immunizations save lives

Government Immunization Sites

The government provides the following vaccines for free as a part of their expanded immunization program. The government immunization sites work closely with GAVI (http://Gavi.org) to ensure they are meeting required standards.  From what I have observed, these immunizations come from reliable brands and are stored at the right temperature.  These immunizations can be found at any government immunization clinic. 

Government health care workers are trained to administer immunizations according to the Malawian schedule.  Please see your health care provider or make an appointment for a well-baby visit with me at ABC Community Clinic ( Contact ), if you are following a different schedule. You can find a printable immunization list and schedule at: Immunizations or “Jabs” as said in British English.


DPT/HepB/Hib  (given as a single combination injection)

PCV (Prevnar 13)

Oral Polio Vaccine

Injectable Polio Vaccine

Oral Rotavirus


PharmaGenNex at Santa Plaza in Lilongwe

imports the following immunizations based on availability of supply with a reliable cold chain:

Pediatric Hepatitis A – Havrix

MMR – Serum Institute of India 

Rabies – Rabivax-S from Serum Institute of India (Purchase all at once and hold at the pharmacy. This is the rabies vaccine I recommend since it is on the WHO pre-approved list and cold chain is maintained.)

Other immunizations have been available from time to time.

Contact Zain Tayub directly to purchase immunizations from PharmaGenNex:


Pharmagennexlilongwe@gmail.com or ztayub@gmail.com

Local Hospitals and Clinics

HPV vaccine: Dr. Gwaza at Good Hope Clinic (important to note brand given)

Yellow Fever vaccine: Partners in Hope provides the vaccine and appropriate stamp for travel. Call in advance to ensure in stock.

Hepatitis B: Most clinics or hospitals have Hepatitis B that they give to maternity patients.  Note pediatric dose is 0.5 ml.

Td (tetanus/diptheria) -Most clinics or hospitals should have Td should patient’s get injured.

Rabies (post exposure)- Most clinics or hospitals stock post exposure rabies vaccines. There are a wide variety of brands of rabies vaccines.  Note the brand on your records as quality varies. Government facilities require a letter from a government vet before administering the vaccine.

Citipharm in Limbe

Mohamed Tayub BPharm (Hons) MSc, gets regular shipments of the following immunizations. Patients from Lilongwe can order immunizations and send a driver with an ice pack to collect the vaccines and keep them cold for the trip to Lilongwe. Here is a list of the brands of vaccines he has in stock or can order:

Adacel Quadra (DTap/IPV)

Avaxim (Hepatitis A)

Cervarix (HPV)

Engerix B (Hepatitis B)

Guardasil (HPV)

Hexaxim (6 in 1- DTpa-HepB-IPV-Hib)

Influvac (Influenza)

Menactra (Meningitis A,C,W,Y)

Prevnar 13 (pneumococcal)

Priorix (MMR)

Rotarix (rotavirus)

Stamaril (Yellow Fever)– note for travel you need the appropriate stamp

Typhii (Typhoid)

Varilix (Varicella)

These are all single dose vaccines. Contact Mohamed Tayub directly to purchase from Citipharm: 01841314/ 0999920930

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